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What to Tab Out in Your FAR/AIM

Happy Monday everyone! I recently took my commercial pilot checkride earlier this month and I had a hard time finding a website that had a list of regulations and pages in the FAR/AIM to tab out for the checkride. This resulted in me flipping through the pages of my FAR/AIM to find important material myself. I am going to share the regulations and pages I tabbed. I know there are many regulations I am missing, but hopefully this will be a good place to start if you have a FAR/AIM that needs to be tabbed out for an upcoming checkride. A few of my regulations pertain to commercial flying, however, there are still many good regulations and pages that can pertain to any checkride in my list.

A photo of my FAR/AIM tabbed out.

I started out by tabbing the main sections of my FAR/AIM. There sections were:

-Part 43: Maintenance

This section provides information regarding the maintenance of aircraft. It also includes preventive maintenance that one can do on an aircraft. This is important to know for any checkride.

-Part 61: Certification

Within part 61, I only tabbed out Subpart F since the regulations within it pertained to commercial pilot certification. I would recommend tabbing the specific subpart for the certificate/rating you are pursuing.

-Part 71: Airspace

This section provides information regarding the different types of airspace which is crucial to know for a checkride.

-Part 73: Special Use Airspace

I tabbed out Subpart B and C in this section because knowing information regarding restricted and prohibited areas is important for a private pilot and a commercial checkride.

-Part 91: General Operating and Flight Rules

There is a lot of information in part 91 that could be asked during a checkride. I tabbed out a lot of regulations in this section, however, I know there are still some important regulations I did not include. The regulations I tabbed were: 91.151, 91.155, 91.157, 91.159, 91.203, 91.205, 91.207, 91.211, 91.213, and 91.417.


The Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM) is a great tool to reference if you get stumped on a question during a checkride. I tabbed the following pages in the AIM: 1-1-8, 2-1-10, 3-2-1, 4-2-12, 4-3-13, FIG 7-1-[8], TBL 7-1-7, 7-3-6, 7-4-6, 7-5-2, 8-1-1, 8-1-2, 8-1-3, 8-1-4, 8-1-5, and 8-1-6.

-Appendix 3 of the AIM: Abbreviations/Acronyms

I tabbed out the abbreviations and acronyms page of the AIM in case I was asked a question about a acronym I did not know.

As I mentioned above, there are many regulations I might have forgotten. However, this worked great for me during my commercial checkride. Just a reminder, always make sure you have an up-to-date FAR/AIM for a checkride.

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